Deeper Democratic depths

From the Washington Times:

Perhaps the most comical moment in the liberal-media after-party Thursday night came on PBS’ ‘Charlie Rose,’ when Newsweek’s chief Democratic spinner, Jonathan Alter, mourned that Republicans have a ‘huge advantage’ after the debates because conservatives ‘control all of talk radio’ (sorry, Al Franken) and because there won’t be many on Fox News Channel speaking well of Kerry. By contrast, CNN and MSNBC and PBS all have the disadvantage of attempting to be balanced.

But it seemed from flipping past Fox after the debate that they had several Kerry fans on — from aspiring secretary of state Richard Holbrooke to Sen. Bob Graham. And what made Alter’s statement so comical was that he was sitting on a PBS round table with Charlie Rose, Walter Isaacson, Karen Tumulty, Mark Halperin and Michael Kinsley — all credentialed members of the liberal media elite who liked Kerry’s performance.

One of the things I despised about the blogosphere’s defense-by-silence of Michelle Malkin’s contemptible tome was that it was a direct imitation of a much-used mainstream media tactic. But in fairness, statements like this hallucinatory one of Alter’s demonstrate that there’s an awful lot of corrupting and self-deceiving to be done before King Log can hope to reach the depths of King Stork.