Time to ride the tank

From Slashdot:

Before I worked at Microsoft as an intern last summer (I’m a college student), I was under the same impression about the amount of brainpower they had. I worked specifically for MSN Ads, and everywhere I looked (I also talked to my friends in other departments) I found sloppy coding practices, FUD, and general CYA-motivated B.S.

9/10 people I met didn’t know what they were doing, but they were too good at political maneuvering for it to matter. The people that knew what they were doing were extremely cynical and didn’t think things could change. Oh how I wish I could comment on specifics. Damn NDA.

I was really hoping Microsoft would be a cool place to work, but I was severely disappointed. Behind closed doors, I couldn’t find a SINGLE person who would actually recommend taking a job there. When they made me an offer to join after my senior year (this year), I turned it down.

This is particularly interesting in light of the fact that it is a comment made subsequent to a Bill Gates statement: “fast forward 10 years, the two leading OS technologies will be Linux and Windows.”

I know who my money would be on if it was necessary to spend it on an open source OS. Linux. Learn it now or learn it later….