Yeah, I’ll get right on it

An email I received today:

The [Florida] Secretary of State, Glenda Hood has noted that thousands of voter registrations are being turned in which are blatantly incomplete and those folks are not going to be permitted to vote. Secretary Hood is apparently really worried about what is going on. She notes that the number of such registrations in unprecedented in Florida history and is in sufficient numbers to make a difference in the election. The majority are in Maimi-Dowd and Broward counties. Surprised?

This may be a well planned program on the part of the extremists in the Democratic party. You know, the Michael Moore, George Soros, Al Gore wing.

If this is a plan, which, by the way would make Richard Nixons indiscretions pale by comparison, it would explain why the more radical democrats are already trying to convince the world that the republicans are engaged in fraud in Florida. It would also explain, more than anything else, why the Kerry organization recruited Jesse Jackson. This needs to be thoroughly investigated and exposed right away. November 3 is too late. If Kerry loses in Florida there is no doubt that the Kerry camp has a federal litigation ready to go on November 3 and disenfranchisement of the minorities will be its center piece.

If this is happening in Florida it may also be happening in other “swing” states. Its really a simple operation, operatives hit the streets to sign up voters but make sure that the registration forms are faulty. When the voters are turned away from the polls the case for a disenfranchisement conspiracy will get legs on November 3.

This needs to be given top priority, right now. November 3 will be too late. If it is not exposed, when the polls close the nation will be thrown into complete disarray with federal and state litigation and, most likely a move to impeach the president should Bush win the election.

Please get on this without delay and pour any and all resources available into it.

This MAY be… whatever. And what is the news, that the political system is corrupt behind the scenes? It’s corrupt on its face!