You might want to reconsider homeschooling

Bane drew my attention to this:

An Iraqi man with suspected links to terrorism had a computer disk containing crisis planning information for San Diego and other school districts when he was arrested by U.S. authorities in Iraq, 10News reported. The man’s intentions were not known, and there was no indication that schools in San Diego or any other district were targets for terrorism, according to San Diego law enforcement officials.

The public report, “Practical Information on Crisis Planning, A Guide for Schools and Communities,” was downloaded from the U.S. Department of Education Web site.

The arrest was reported to the San Diego FBI office and the San Diego Unified School District last week. Parents and schools were not informed because it was determined there was not a threat. “The clear message is that your children are safe and our schools are very well prepared, as well as our school district,” San Diego School District Police Chief Don Braun said.

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne echoed the sentiment that public notification was not necessary.

If that’s the “clear message” that the police chief drew from the news, I may have to rethink my career options. There is evidently a good living to be made from petty crime in San Diego.