Mailvox: random shots

Gregg gets hissy:

Are you waiting for the debate to turn in your favor? Won’t happen as long as I am here.

Actually, just letting you ramble seems to be turning the debate in my favor here…

Mike thinks resistance is meaningful:

I can assure you, that if you take that pacifistic attitude toward a modern equivalent of the Roman Empire that it will kill off christianity down to the last man, woman and child unless people are willing to deny being christians.

Yes, they will. The Bible predicts this. I think we can and should resist this, but the effort will be ultimately futile as the struggle is not one against flesh and blood. The Bible talks often of deception, one need only look at the long-term joint effort of Democrats and Republicans alike to build world government to see that this deception is at work on both sides of the American political spectrum. Remember, George Bush himself stated that he went to war in Iraq in order to uphold the viability of the United Nations.

Craigp believes in Jesus Christ and George Bush, presumably in that order:

I think a chrsitian that does not vote for Bush or does nto vote at all is being deceived and manipulated, and I say shame on them

I find this rather humorous, considering how it is almost precisely backwards. I predict Craig is going to be one very, very angry individual once he realizes the President’s true colors and allegiances.

The most significant comment was from the White Buffalo:

As a matter of fact He was against even having men ruling men polticially as He refused to give Israel a king until He finally relented and gave them good old Saul.

This appears to be one of the most obvious signs that God would lean libertarian, if one assumes He takes an interest in politics. Not only does He refuse to use His power to control men and their behavior, but we have a Biblical example of His preferences in the matter. In God’s eyes, it is clearly both ideal and possible to have a state where men do not rule over other men.

And finally, Gregg also fails to note something important:

The greatest system ever devised, came from men who believed that our rights came from God and that governments were instituted among men (that means by men) to preserve those rights.

That system has not only been radically altered, but completely abandoned. It is a hollow shell, left in place to deceive. The fact that the names of the offices remain essentially the same does not mean that it is the same system of highly decentralized, strictly limited republicanism. Modern Switzerland, with its powerful cantons and strong limitations on the central state, is much closer to the historical American system than the modern United States.