Mailvox: better to do it Raidess style

Sarah writes:

Vox, when I say that she is ignoring you, it is mostly true. Where she is directly and publicly confronted with you, she will make an attempt at evading your points by brushing it off. As far as I’m concerned, that is functionally equivalent to ignoring you. After all, what does anyone care whether she acknowledges your existence? It is your points that matter in this particular context, not the source (unless it is to ensure that that source is trustworthy).

Of course, you can get all literal about ‘ignoring’ if you want to…

You know, you’d think it would be so easy for Malkin. If she doesn’t want to be exposed as a liar and incompetent, then all that she would have to do is ensure that she knows what she is talking about and that she is careful to tell the truth. I really hope this bites her in the ass in the end.

Actually, I pretty much agree with you. Nor do I care that she is ignoring me on a personal level, as I firmly believe that she will treat anyone who brings up the question of military necessity in precisely the same way, even if their name were Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh. She has to, because even opening her mouth on the question will reveal her ignorance. I mean, look what level of total cluelessness she managed to reveal in only two blog posts on the subject!

I find it rather strange that she chose to lie in public rather than completely ignore me. That was just weird. Perhaps she needs to take lessons from Al Davis. Oakland is playing Tampa Bay tomorrow, and when a sportswriter asked a Raiders official why it was Derrick Thomas doing the weekly press conference for Tampa and not Tim Brown, the former Raider who was their number one draft pick and All-Pro wide receiver who caught 99 touchdowns for them before his acrimonious departure from Oakland this summer, the Raiders executive replied: “Tim who?”

Now, THAT’S ignoring!