Hope for the next generation

The Elder (of Fraters Libertas) draws our attention to the following post by JB Doubtless


Ooo life’s sweet right here in the passenger seat

yeah life’s so sweet

When I look to the left see his suntanned hands

His muddy river hair and his thousand acre plans

I’m all shook up like a quarter in a can

Ain’t life sweet?

In the passenger seat

The first time I heard this song, I didn’t think I was hearing properly. “Life’s so sweet from the passenger’s seat.” The passenger’s seat. Here we have three stunningly attractive lasses telling us that they prefer being in the passenger’s seat–letting their man run the show?

Hold on a minute. What about the triumph of feminism? Of “equality”? Of women wanting to act like men?

If we’re very, very lucky, in another 40 years we’ll hear songs by female pop stars demanding the limiting of suffrage to productive, property-owning men of a certain age. Of course, the depths to which we’ll have to sink in order for most people to realize how disastrous universal “democracy” has been for the nation will probably be more than a little unpleasant, and the chances that the masses will turn towards a dictatorial demagogue instead are probably, oh, around 666 to 1, but it’s still nice to contemplate a potential silver lining in the massive black cumulonimbus looming in our collective (and collectivist) future.