Fantasy and Pick-16 wrapup

Not a bad start for Week One. Ahman and Daunte scored more points apiece than my Week 2 opponent and I put down Chokechain with no trouble at all, 41-22. I see no need for changes next week, except to start The SOD* over Duce Staley assuming he’s not suspended yet. By the way, Denver fans, is Watts still projected to get the start over Lelie soon? It didn’t look that way the other night.

The Prestige Alliance didn’t fare quite as well, as Cleveland’s upset of Baltimore messed up our 14-point game and Chokechain switched to Chicago on our 8-point game at the last moment without telling me. Denver’s win hurt too. But our total of 94 points was respectable, keeping us in the top third and within two games of the leader at 116.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, but the White Buffalo can’t have been too happy about his initial 69-point performance, which saw him one point ahead of someone named Annabella. Never a good sign.

*The Steal of the Draft, Onterrio Smith