Mike Adams is a flaming fairy

A male hairdresser at Next Wave Designs writes to Mike Adams:

You know, one “myth” that I find to be true is the one that goes something like this: the more some right-wing bigot writes about gay issues, the more likely it is the right-winger is secretly craving sex with men.

Come to think of it, now that I take a good long look at your photo, you do look pretty darn gay to me.

The truth is that every single time a columnist writes anything insufficiently worshipful of the gay community, he is guaranteed to receive several emails accusing him of harboring hatred for gays due to being either secretly or latently homosexual. This is a rather interesting psychosexual admission on the part of these gays to an inherent self-loathing, as a normal individual of healthy self-esteem does not assume antisemites to be Jewish or black-hating white supremacists to be of African descent. The comment with regards to Professor Adams photo is interesting too, since it’s usually the gay community that insists that there is no such thing as a “gay” look and that the mincing, lisping caricature of the hyperfeminized flamer is nothing but a hateful stereotype.

I don’t know Mike Adams. As far as I know, he may spend his every free evening down at the local gay bar wearing a tutu and a leather police cap. But given his profession, I suspect that it’s much more likely that he is a decent man of traditional morals standing up against the constant school-supported antics of the anti-moral, Christian-hating gay activists at his university.