It’s Football Time!

Since some of you don’t seem to share my enthusiasm for intellectual bloodsport, I shall endeavor to provide you with at least a few posts unrelated to the internment debate every day. Those of you who know me are no doubt rolling their eyes, knowing full well that this will not end until Malkin proves herself to be a complete coward afraid to leave her corner or waves the white flag.

So, without further ado, here’s a new game the White Buffalo has gotten me into. Sixteen games, predict the winner, okay, that’s simple enough. Now, here’s the good part. RANK each game from 1 to 16, so that you get 16 points if you nail the game of which you are most confident, and 1 point for your least important game. Yeah, now that’s where it gets tricky.

Anyhow, I’m hooked up with Chokechain this season, and we’re calling Pats over Colts on his say so for the first game.