Sean Hannity says “arf”

Gregg writes in:

I am a student of human nature, and after seeing your article get top billing two weeks in a row on WND I thought I would catch Hannity today (I knew they read it). He had Newt on as a guest, and they were both talking about how they disagree with the president on the 527 ban. I started laughing my ass off; it was just as you said it would be:

“Oh, how glad I am that Rush et al agree with me on the unconstitutionality of the ban, now let’s see if they still support the treasonous candidate.”

They did, Vox, after admitting as much. I have read Catholic prophets, bud, but you are an intellectual prophet.

I don’t know about the prophet bit, it was simply the only logical conclusion. I don’t think Sean Hannity would disavow the GOP if it announced it was banning the Lutheran, Methodist and Baptist churches and providing free prostitutes to all high-school students. Because, after all, the Democrats would be worse, since they’d be offering gay prostitutes and banning the Catholic church. And that’s why the Irish water poodle gets a chapter….