Losing grip on reality

Not to mention history. Apparently it isn’t enough that George Delano is Ronald Reagan, but according to Rudy Giuliani, he’s Winston Churchill too. And… and… Cincinnatus and George Washington and Socrates and Paul Bunyan and Julius Caesar and Marius AND Sulla and Frosty the Snowman!

I actually agree that George Bush shows signs of Lincolnhood, but thankfully to a lesser degree. I suppose that calling him a little Lincoln doesn’t quite have the same ring as identifying him with the man who decried the Iron Curtain before the Cold War really started.

George Delano won’t speak out against the jihad even after he’s been fighting it on the periphery for three years, instead of blood, sweat and tears he’s offering us a new Medicare entitlement, and instead of V for victory, it’s U for unwinnable, but you know, tomato, tomahto.