Mailvox: another Republican math whiz

GS woofs like a good little lapdog:

You have joined yourself with the Democrats for a Soviet United States and the candidacy of a treasonous dog. Piss off.

Let’s see, you’re voting for the guy who’s wiped out free speech and is trying to merge the USA with Mexico in imitation of the European Union, but I’m the one supporting a treasonous dog?


Okay, slow learners, it’s basic addition time! If George Bush has 39,999,999 votes and John Kerry has 39,999,999 votes and I vote for Michael Badnarik, how many votes does John Kerry have?

a) 39,999,999

b) 40,000,000

c) five

If you answered (a), congratulations, you are capable of passing first-grade math. If you answered (c), you are a rabbit. If, on the other hand, you answered (b), you are clearly arithmetically-challenged like poor GS. Isn’t math fun?

All candidates start from zero. The fact that the vast majority of Americans are so short-sighted that they will cheerfully vote for their enslavers does not mean that those individuals who still value freedom and human liberty should follow their example.

“If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got.”

UPDATE: GS eloquently adds:

Like I said, piss off. I have read your stuff for the last time. Oh, yes, and one plus one equals two as in one face plus one face equals what you have.

Hark, what’s that I hear? Ah yes, the delicious sound of my readership’s average IQ rising….