Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth

Cindy Adams makes use of the Number of the Beast:

I HATE that Maureen Dowd is maybe the sharpest and — here’s the part I hate most — best-looking columnist in the business. I also hate that her new Putnam book “BushWorld: Enter at Your Own Risk,” with smarmy writing like, how “the black sheep usurps the dutiful brother,” and how “the bag emperor calls me ‘Cobra’ ,” made the best-seller list. I also hate that she’s slim, red-haired and sports industrial-strength mascara.

I grew up in Minnesota, the home away from home of the Scandinavian ice princess. One thing I learned in going to school out East is that the East Coast is not exactly a haven for beautiful women… and I went to a school that had a plethora compared to the others I visited. Check out the picture, and realize that those are supposed to be unusually attractive women. What’s scary is that for their social circle, they probably are. For Pete’s sake, put me in a wig and a dress and I’d be prettier. Come to think of it, White Buffalo probably has the pictures… no, that was Big Chilly.

I’m not ragging on older women either. There are plenty of very attractive older women at the Galleria in Edina, or roaming through the bookstores down in Naples.

And Maureen Dowd isn’t even close to “sharp”. Superficial and consistently clueless would be a far more accurate description. Remember what I said about confusing verbal facility with other, more useful attributes….