I told you they’re stupid

Jim Boyd of the Star & Sickle gets his head handed to him again:

In “Boydot’s epistemology,” we noted that the cowardly lion of Portland Avenue issued a challenge to our friends over at Fraters Libertas. Reader Richard Jahnke takes it from there.

You quote Jim Boyd of the Star Tribune issuing the following challenge:

“I served for a year with an Army outfit named U.S. Army Field Activities Command in Washington. I’ll give you a week to find ANY mention of it anywhere. I’ll give you two weeks to find out what it really was.” Well here’s a link. See page 52, second paragraph from the bottom.

The link above was the first return on the search “Army Field Activies Command” in Google. Took about 30 seconds, to get Google up, copy the phrase, get the return and click on the page. Most of the week is left. Here’s another link that suggests that the Army Field Activities Command ran Army Intelligence agents overseas.

As to the second part of Boyd’s challenge — what his old outfit really was — it appears, based on the material in the second link, to have been involved in internal security within the military, defense department and affiliated organizations.

Obviously, Boyd is lacking in Internet skills or he wouldn’t have issued this challenge without Googling it first.

You thought I was kidding when I told you how dumb the average paperboy is, didn’t you. And most – not all – of the television talking heads are worse. Never confuse verbal facility with intelligence, the two can coincide but they are not the same.

I assumed that Vicki Gowler of the Pioneer Press were dissembling when they couldn’t find Kerry’s 1971 testimony before Congress. But incredibly, despite my general scorn for their competence, I appear to have overestimated them nonetheless.