Mailvox: caught, can I get a witness?

Waterboy refuses to carry water:

Vox: “In unrelated news, in light of our recent discussion on what makes a media whore, this post of hers did make me laugh”

Waitaminute, holdonhere.

You link to MM’s post about where she’ll be appearing, alluding to her “whoreness”, yet you do the same here and here and here

You don’t see any difference between appearing on one local radio show a month and (at least) three television shows in two days? Which, in your opinion, would be more accurately described as chasing cameras? I am invited onto a show where the hosts read my column and with whom I have regular interaction, Ms Malkin has her agent trying to put her on as many shows as possible regardless of who they are. I’m expecting her to show up on Wayne’s World any day now.

There’s nothing wrong with telling people where you’ll be on, in case they’re interested, it was simply the sheer volume I was pointing out.

Ironically, Saint Paul asked me to be on the Northern Alliance show with Ms Malkin later today, but I declined because I am more interested in an outing with Space Bunny. I’ll take a pretty blonde over a camera or microphone every single time. The defense rests.