Just a conduit

Chris Adamo passes on an email from a Canadian acquaintance:

Thought I’d let you know that the battle lines are drawn even here in Canada for U.S. Presidential elections.. A local paper had a article by a Dual citizen pushing liberal agenda and was eager to sign up other dual citizens for absentee ballots and the Democratic party. There are approximately 700,000 Americans living in Canada.

I sent him a short and sweet reply saying that Mr. Kerry was not fit to be a commander in Chief of anything. You can smell how desperate the liberals are to get to power, and God help us and others if they do. I got my absentee ballot card and will be voting accordingly in November.

While I rather doubt that his idea of “accordingly” would parallel mine, it’s interesting to note that the election campaign appears to be active outside American borders. You’d think that there’d be rampant opportunity for voter fraud here as well.