Mailvox: To PC or not PC

Unc D can’t stop himself:

“I LOATHE political correctness. However, while I agree with your assesment of that piece on MM’s blog, that’s an obnoxious way to start off your post. If MM was black, I doubt you would have written: “Michelle says ‘Yes Massa’ to the Feds?””

You don’t think so? O ye of little faith! And for one who reportedly loathes political correctness, you seem to be focused like a laser on the PC aspect, considering that I’ve already a) labled her a media whore, b) called her a bootlicker, and c) implied that she is committing adultery with a Philippino terrorist. That’s all fine, apparently, but a dismissive reference to Ms Malkin being Asian and female suddenly gets your panties in a bunch. That PC sensitivity just sneaks in there, doesn’t it.

Was it obnoxious? Sure. But obviously you’re mistaking me for someone who gives a flying rat’s posterior. Ideas are what they are, equally valid regardless of how they’re couched. If I say “Peter Jennings, you handsome hunk of Canadian salt pork, 2+2=4” it is no more or less valid than “Peter Jennings, you loathesome Canadian cretin, 2+2=4”. I often express myself in terms of venomous contempt because that is how I view the ideas being expressed by many of the charlatans infesting the commentary pages like rats infected with lethal intellectual buboes.

No matter what the issue might be, the answer is always the same. Trust Big Brother and love Him, and then you will be safe. THAT IS A LIE AND IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A LIE.

If my words weren’t dripping with venom, I’d be frothing at the mouth like Mogambo. Wake up, you cretins! This country, the noblest political experiment in the history of Mankind, belongs to you, and you are pissing away your birthright for nothing but empty words and false promises.