Mailvox: he cannot lie

JC lays down the word:

I know you are extremely busy so let me get right to the point.

1. I am a black guy, and we black men find Jennifer Lopez attractive not because she’s opposite of what MAXIM and those type of magazines say, but because she’s got nice big buttocks. That’s what our culture finds attractive. You need to wise up by looking at KING, Smooth and For Black Men magazine will show plenty of women who are in Jennifer Lopez’ league and women like Melyssa Ford and Gloria Glory Velez who blow Jennifer out of the water. The MAXIM, FHM, STUFF, etc. . . skinny females with large shapely breasts don’t appeal to us, well most of us. (and definitely not me).

2. I agree with the over all tone of the article, and what the article says, you are by far one of the true Conservative geniuses, your knowledge is even beyond that of Rush Limbaugh.

3. You were right about Bill O’ Reilly, I love his show, but more for shock and entertainment value not for any true substance.

This is, without a doubt, the email of the day. Nothing like getting directly to the point… and no, JC is not JC Watts…. I freely admit to being ignorant of much of what JC says in such succinct and inimitable fashion, so in the interest of wising up, I will be sure to ask Space Bunny for a subscription to Smooth and for Christmas. As for me, I quite like skinny females with large shapely breasts, but hey, we are libertarians here, are we not? To each his own, my brother.