Suspicions aroused

Mr. McGreevey was introduced to Mr. Cipel at a reception during a trip to Israel in 2000 when he was running for governor. The married American politician and the young Israeli poet were introduced at a wine-and-cheese reception and hit it off immediately.

Soon, Mr. McGreevey paved the way for Mr. Cipel to come to the United States. Six months later, Mr. Cipel was working on Mr. McGreevey’s campaign, having obtained a visa in which he listed Mr. McGreevey and Mr. Kushner as sponsors on his visa application and then taking up residence in an apartment less than a mile from Mr. McGreevey. Working first in a $30,000-a-year public relations job arranged by Mr. Kushner, Mr. Cipel was named to head the state Office of Homeland Security in February 2002.

Mr. McGreevey said he did not think a background check was necessary for Mr. Cipel, who also had worked as a public relations officer in the Israeli Consulate in New York and achieved the rank of lieutenant in the Israeli Navy.

Emphasis mine. Worked in a consulate, just happened to hit it off with a secretly homosexual politician…. I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually learn that Cipel is an Israeli spy.