Annoying non-sports writers

Is there anything more annoying that sportswriters who won’t stick to sports? Sports Illustrated has long been populated by squishy left-liberals, but old-timers like Dr. Z and Peter King usually keep their politics to themselves. But the new generation, all feelings and no brain, can’t resist sharing their horror when Terrell Owens essentially calls Jeff Garcia a fag, in one case because his Daddy left his Mommy for another man. Then another new SI-nik idiotically gives “props” to the first guy for condemning Owens’ “Neolithic comments” while simultaneously defending Carlos Delgado’s decision to make a point of not singing God Bless America, apparently during the seventh-inning stretch. (They do that? Why? And who knew?)

When another sportswriter points out that the fans booing Delgado have the same right to get on his case that Delgado has to make his little protest, the loser considers this an “overly generous” interpretation of the First Amendment. So it’s good for Delgado to stand up for his beliefs, but bad for Owens to do so? And I can’t help but notice that Owens’ belief in the undesirability of homosexuality is not only Neolithic, but Victorian, Edwardian, medieval, feudal, Renaissance, Enlightenment, 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century, Stone Age, Iron Age, Industrial Age and Information Age, spanning every time and culture with the exception of the media elite during our own little corner of the early 21st century and a few creaky historical societies nearing the final stages of collapse.

Gentlemen, for the love of the NFL, please stick to sports. You are embarrassing yourselves to the point that if it weren’t for the old school, I wouldn’t even bother reading.