Mailvox: channel zero

I noticed this in Joani’s missive:

Some men can’t stand when a woman wants to better herself, improve her education, fulfill her purposes in life other than domestic duties.

I daresay that there’s not a single man on the planet who cares at all if she does this, as long as she doesn’t do it after telling him that she wants bear his children and stay home and take care of them. There are few things more obnoxious than the individual who suddenly changes his or her mind after someone else has made a commitment to them based on all the available information. This holds true for both sexes.

But I marvel at the women who seem to think that education and fulfillment can only come outside the house. The former is especially ridiculous in the age of the Internet. Domestic work is easy, if time-consuming, and perhaps if a woman did not sit down in front of the television for the 4.5 hours that are the reported daily average, she’d have more than enough time to educate herself. I found it interesting that one study reported that men have 30 more minutes of free time a day than women, which, strangely enough, corresponded rather closely with the 30 minutes less daily television watching reported by the first study. (Four hours a day is still ridiculous, by the way. Go read a book or something. Learn your culture. You’re blind from the facts on who ya are cos you’re watching that garbage.)

Of course, this requires personal discipline, something that is in obviously short supply among men and women today, who can’t even control what they put in their mouths, let alone their minds.