One at a time

JS sends a timely email:

My change-of-party form is now making its way through the bureaucracy. As soon as they process it, I’ll be officially registered Libertarian. Ironically, it appears the government has trouble even processing a simple form. I got a call saying the processing was delayed because the portion of the form which had my address on it had been “cut off by their letter opening machine”.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the part your blog and columns have had in helping me make this decision. Six months ago I fretted over the decision to leave the Republican party. However, given impetus to think it through, I realized I had always preferred George Washington’s America over George Bush’s. The final “decision” was no decision at all, with little fretting necessary. I’m less a “convert” to the Libertarian Party than one who simply (and finally) noticed which party walked the walk instead of just talking the talk.

This is by no means the first email of this sort that I’ve received, but I thought it was worth posting considering the recent conversation about what libertarians are doing. The most important things don’t involve getting involved in formal party politics, but in convincing those around you that principle matters.

And JS, you are very welcome. The battle won’t be won, tomorrow, November or the next election cycle, but it isn’t lost until the last man quits.