Mailvox: the elephant stops smiling

Laughing Elephant writes:

If I did see more LP and CP voters like that, maybe I’d have more confidence in the LP and CP and would be inclined to join your lot. Perhaps I just haven’t met the right members yet. Thanks for articulating a coherent argument in favor of voting with the LP & CP parties. Almost everything else I’ve heard here these past few days has been the case about why not to vote for Bush, which is entirely different.

I don’t see how that last statement can possibly be true. I’ve repeatedly stated that people should always vote their principles. The Libertarian Party is the only party with an ideological dedication to small and limited government. The Constitution Party is ideologically dedicated to the U.S. Constitution, (also good, but one step removed from ideal, in my opinion), whereas the Republican Party has an ideological dedication to strong interventionist government that dates back to its founding, the brief shining moment of the Goldwater-Reagan years notwithstanding.

That is a broad point which has next to nothing to do with Bush, except in that Bush’s governance has been a reflection of the GOP’s historical ideology.

Perhaps you still remain unconvinced, but judging from the emails I’ve received, there are hundreds of Republicans who are planning to vote for the LP and CP for the first time this November. Change will never come from those who are unwilling to abandon the status quo.