War is a racket

David Hackworth writes on WND:

For example, the CPA paid 74,000 guards even though the actual number of guards couldn’t be validated. On one site alone, 8,206 guards were on the payroll, but only 603 warm bodies could be counted. Elsewhere, more than $17 million was allocated to guards and the Iraqi army without one piece of backup paper. Pals in Iraq say this has been standard drill since the birth of “a very dysfunctional” CPA.

The report cites, “An improper $120 million disbursement was made in May 2004 because of miscommunication between CPA-OMB and Comptroller’s office.” In other words, $120 million went south, but was blithely rationalized as some clerks getting their wires crossed!

Well, what’s a missing $8.8 billion dollars anyhow…. This episode brought to you by the Coalition of the Willing and the taxpayers of the United States of America.