Mailvox: discuss amongst yourselves

Res Ispa puckers up:

How about timing your blog to post a thread about the Monday article at 12 eastern when WND updates to the Monday edition? Being in the mountain-time zone I generally read the Monday WND before going to bed Sunday night. I would love to have the opportunity to make acclamation, glorify and pay homage to your superior abilities as a wordsmith and ingratiate myself to the genius that you are.

It is my sincere desire to osculate your gluteus maximus until you achieve a Limbaugh-sized ego and you obtain your own radio show challenging him for superiority of all things conservative. This is a two part strategy:

1. establish the Vox Day pundit groupie fan club

2. get a guy with a Minnesotan accent nationally syndicated

Hey if they’ll put Don Cherry on the air why not you?

That last bit would have been more meaningful to me if I had any idea who Don Cherry is. Anyhow, that’s not a problem, assuming that I don’t forget. So, we’ll see. As I’ve repeatedly stated, I have no desire for a radio show – those little MP3 experiments taught me that – although I might be interested in some sort of Internet broadcast thing once that technology becomes feasible.

I don’t really have any more to say about immigration at the moment, but in case anyone is interested in harping on today’s column or slapping my wrist with a “bad libertarian, bad!” this would be the place.