A belated response

As many of you know, I consider the Libertarian Party’s official position on abortion to be deeply flawed and anti-libertarian, if nevertheless superior to the Democratic and Republican realities. (I freely admit that the Republican platform is better, but their failure to pay any heed to their platform is one reason I left the party in the first place.)

A few weeks ago, the Pan-Gargler challenged me to consider my views on immigration in light of the Libertarian Party’s support of open borders, which is functionally equivalent to the de facto Democratic and Republican positions. I neither forgot nor backed down from that challenge, I merely required some time to think about a subject to which I had never devoted any substantial thought.

In any case, I have now reached my conclusions, and you can read them on Monday. In light of last week’s column, I did not wish for anyone to think that I was, like Brave Sir William, wont to duck a challenge.