And they say Bush is stupid?

Mark Steyn observes, with some disbelief:

[Kerry] was in Wisconsin the other day, pretending to be a regular guy, and was asked what kind of hunting he preferred. “I’d have to say deer,” said the senator. “I go out with my trusty 12-gauge double-barrel, crawl around on my stomach… That’s hunting.” This caused huge hilarity among my New Hampshire neighbours. None of us has ever heard of anybody deer hunting by crawling around on his stomach, even in Massachusetts. The trick is to blend in with the woods and, given that John Kerry already looks like a forlorn tree in late fall, it’s hard to see why he’d give up his natural advantage in order to hunt horizontally.”

First, not many hunters use shotgun slugs to hunt deer. Second, you don’t crawl around on your belly, you get up at an ungodly hour in the morning, climb into a tree stand you constructed prior to the season, wrap yourself in a sleeping bag, and then sit there and freeze your extremities.

And my father wonders why I hate hunting. I didn’t mind killing the overgrown horned rats, but since we had them all over our backyard, I simply didn’t see the point in getting up at 4 AM just to see if you could shed blood before your own froze in its veins. One night, about twenty minutes after Dad and the gang had departed for points north in order to slay some quadrupeds, I nearly ran over three of them wandering down the street about 150 feet from our driveway.

If gutting them wasn’t such a painstaking mess, I would have run them over and strung them up, just to see the look on Team Gunga Din’s collective face when they returned. Did I mention I was driving a Suburban? Well, I was. Anyhow, if God meant for us to kill our own food, he wouldn’t have invented farmers. And restaurants, for that matter. What’s the point of civilization if you’re not going to use it?

But I digress. Kerry isn’t just a sleazeball, he’s a phony sleazeball. Fortunately for him, his core crowd is too ignorant to see how full of it he is. If the president was even marginally competent, he’d have this thing sewn up by now. I’m starting to suspect that both of them know that Wave 3 is going to hit with a vengeance in the next term and neither one wants anything to do with it