The party of national extinction

In the national survey of more than 75 percent of the Democratic delegates, two out of three of those expressing a position on gay marriages said they favored them. But among the delegates from a dozen Southeastern states, a slight majority was opposed.

No other issue reveals that wide of a regional divide among the party’s delegates. On another major social issue – abortion, 92 percent of the Southern delegates said they supported abortion rights, identical to the national average.

“They’re reflecting the views of Southern Democrats,” said Emory University political scientist Merle Black. “Most Southern Democrats would be in favor of choice on the abortion issue but most would be against gay marriage, especially in the rural and small-town South.” Most Southern Democrats opposed to abortion rights have already left the party, but there’s a “different distribution” when it comes to gay marriage, he said.

Edwards delegate Robert Sanders, an attorney from Covington, Ky., says he “couldn’t care if you marry a fireplug.” Others, such as Mary Brown, an environmental administrator from Vicksburg, Miss., used strong language to express their opposition to the concept of abortion but said they still favor the right. “I am for a woman’s right to murder her child if she wants to,” Brown said.

When Massachusetts’ Supreme Court first dictated homogamy, I thought the election was in Bush’s bag. Unfortunately for the Republicans, Bush proved himself to be as inept at political strategery as he is at military strategy. When your opponent hands you a club, BEAT HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! This is rocket science?

I think the primary difference between Democrats and Republicans now is that Democrats want to actively depopulate the nation, while Republicans would prefer to see it collapse into chaos. Perhaps that’s not what they ideally want, but it sure appears to be the logical extension of their policies.

It’s not that I’m pessimistic, it’s just that it’s amazing to look at the historical lifespan of societies and then watch as the same pattern of decline plays out in your own society. It’s truly astounding, especially listening to others explain why these changes are positive developments. Nothing lasts forever, and we’ve already witnessed the collapse of one global superpower. I don’t understand how it’s possible for anyone to deny at least the possibility of the USA’s following suit.