Execute the agents

There is one death penalty I could support. Allowing the government to execute government employees who use the color of the law to commit murder and escape the consequences of their actions. I despise the militarized police, the DEA and the FBI. They are predators far worse than those they claim to be defending Americans against. Law-and-order government cheerleaders tend to be ignorant of the fact that an individual living in the 20th century was 22 times more likely to be murdered by a government employee than by a private criminal. No democidist ever obtained power by promising chaos; they always promise Recht und Ordnung to the foolish and short-sighted.

As soon as DEA agents realized they had killed an innocent Hispanic girl, they began a vigorous damage control effort. They closed the crime scene neighborhood and sent a team of agents to Nelly Villarreal’s house….

With the little girl lost and the community in an uproar, the DEA’s spin machine kicked into high gear. DEA spin doctors alleged Ashley had driven a darkened car without its headlights on, had accelerated toward agents, then backed up to try to hit them, and that agents shot at the car only in self-defense. Other sources floated ludicrous stories implying that Ashley, Danny, and Nelly were fronts for Joey’s alleged coke sales. Pro-DEA sources said Ashley “caused her own death” because she was “driving a car without a driver’s license.”

The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) Homicide Unit, Bexar County District Attorney’s office, and a team of DEA investigators from Washington, DC, began looking into the incident, but lawyers for the Villarreal family, along with journalists and civil liberties groups, say the investigation is being mishandled and carried out with an unreasonable degree of secrecy.

The DEA refuses to comment on the case, other than to disparage Ashley and her family while staunchly defending its agents’ actions.

All in the unholy name of the Drug War. As with Waco, they have to murder the children in order to save them. Since the government always protects its own, however heinous the the crime, it seems that there’s no alternative but private vengeance in matters such as these. I certainly won’t shed a tear if those DEA agents are hunted down, one by one, and exterminated like the insects they are.

And spare me the forgiveness lectures. Forgiveness is for those who repent, not those who insist that they were justified in their crimes and slur the murdered dead.