The innocence of Mr. Joseph Farah

Mr. Farah writes:

In a way I would never have imagined possible, the news media have allowed themselves to be led by the Democrats’ disinformation campaign to the point where they have forgotten the story.

Pardon me, but the story remains Sandy Berger’s inexplicable actions. Why did he do it? Which papers did he pilfer? What was he trying to conceal? Whom was he trying to protect?

I hope the Justice Department is focused on these questions like a laser beam, but I sincerely doubt it. It’s been nine months and no FBI agent has even interviewed Berger yet. What’s that about? He should have been indicted, tried and convicted by now.

Sandy Berger is a lowly member of the bi-factional ruling party. Nothing will come of this, any more than one of the king’s courtiers would be punished for raping a peasant lass back in the day. There is no Law, there are only legal weapons wielded against the masses to keep them in their place.

I don’t know how anyone who pays any attention to the political process can think that there’s a genuine conflict between the heavy hitters of the Democratic-Republican Party. The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is far more convincing. Of course, it has the advantage of being genuine.