Tomorrow’s column

J did well, although it shouldn’t have been very difficult to ascertain where I am going tomorrow as both Tolstoy and Elliott Waves were both mentioned recently on the sidebar of the blog.

There is appearently some connection between EWT which holds that markets are not moved by individual events but mass psychology, and Tolstoy who believed that history/sociology is not moved by individual actions but by the sum of countless forces acting upon mass society.

There is indeed such a connection, although I’ll leave the matter for tomorrow’s discussion. But I was quite surprised by Gary’s comment, as he picked up on an insight that I, too, had reached.

“War and Peace”, for example, is not a novel. It’s an arguement presented in the guise of a novel. It was the only way Tolstoy could present characters thoughts prior to actions and show how they often contradict, thus how no one is in ultimate control of himself but move through “unconscience action”.