A testament to human nature

Inbound Links: 786

Inbound Unique: 709

Current Rank: #38

Current Status: Playful Primate

This is interesting. A reasonably major syndicated columnist, who shall remain nameless, is often on TV. Everyone in Blogworld knows who they are, and so when he/she/it began a blog, everyone jumped on the bandwagon in a hurry to link to it. Presumably because they just love reading it, right? Just to put everything in perspective, Vox Popoli’s rank is as follows:

Inbound Links: 238

Inbound Unique: 189

Current Rank: #322

Current Status: Large Mammal

I think that’s respectable in an Blogosphere of some 3800 blogs. I’m happy with it, anyhow. Now, as this nameless columnist also appears on WND, I happen to know that my WND readership is, on average over a three-month period, about 25 percent larger. However, this is perhaps not a fair comparison as the other individual’s column is much more widely syndicated than mine, so it’s quite po many WND readers skip it on WND since they’ve already read it elsewhere.

This discrepancy, however, is a little more difficult to explain:

Average Daily Visits: 182

(data from SiteMeter)

Average Daily Visits: 1,669

(data from SiteMeter)

In other words, 709 bloggers are linking to what they think is a big name blog, but it’s obvious that most of them aren’t even bothering to check it out on a regular basis. Now, perhaps this will change over time or perhaps the SiteMeter data is bad, but if it is correct then it would appear to reveal both: a) the embarrassing limits of human reason, and b) the unattractive human tendency to kiss tush.