Perhaps of interest only to me

I should also mention that the Zodiac is a Scott Summit design. To see more of his work, visit His other PDA credits include the AlphaSmart Dana and 2000, the Stowaway XT keyboard, and the never-released Palm Pilot Razor design that preceded the Palm V.

I’m not in the market for an ebook reader myself, since I need the Dana’s keyboard, but the Zodiac Tapwave would have to be it, if I were. I find it interesting to know that the same guy who designed the excellent Alphasmart Dana also designed the Tapwave. Like the Dana, it has two SD slots, which would allow you to pack in more than 4,000 Palm-format ebooks without touching the device’s system RAM. Now, if they ported the original Wing Commander to it, or MAME, well, I might have to reconsider… it is a gaming platform, after all.

Nice work, Mr. Summit.