More on “More Cowbell”

I was just thinking, who is the greatest guest host in the history of SNL? Not in terms of who did the best overall show, or which show you would have liked to have been present in the audience – Pamela Anderson, obviously – or who had the best intro bit, but who produced the most memorable quotes that you and your friends still drop on each other today?

I’d say it has to be Christopher Walken. You’ve got “more cowbell”, you’ve got “a degree from the University of Bei-jing”, you’ve got “I got a passport to Florida”, you’ve got “no, don’ go”, and to top it all off, you’ve got the phrase that spawned the worst published poem in history, “my little wide-eyed, white-tailed doe”. I can’t even remember most of them from the census-taker, I was laughing so hard.

You realize that I’m snorting and chuckling helplessly as I’m writing this, of course.