Mailvox: seeing no evil

Bill writes of the so-called “smart” missiles:

Yeah, what we should have done was say “Hey Saddam, we have a few hundred special ops folks hiding in Baghdad and other major cities, hide-and-seek starts…. Now!”

It seems to escape Bill that this is an admission on his part that a) the government does lie; and b) uses the mainstream media to disseminate its propaganda. The point is not that the government should have endangered its troops by telling the truth about how it was bombing Baghdad – of course they shouldn’t have, although I don’t see why any explanation was required in the first place – but that the US government is perfectly willing to lie and use the media to propagate its lies when it sees fit to do so.

This logically should logically lead Bill to the next two questions: (1) What else are they lying about? (2) What is their justification for doing so?

Finally, I find it hard to believe that anyone would believe that Saddam didn’t know perfectly well that our special ops were crawling all over Iraq both the first and second time around, smart missiles or no smart missiles. The frightening thing about special ops is that the target knows they’re out there, he just doesn’t know where, or how to find them.