Why there is hope

Here’s why I believe that there’s no reason to despair when America is again presented with a choice between Tweedle-corporatist and Tweedle-socialist this November. Consider the following facts:

1. John Kerry feels the need to lie about when life begins.

2. John Kerry feels the need to disguise his arch-liberal voting record.

3. John Kerry feels the need to pose for pictures killing birds with guns.

4. George Bush is unwilling to openly support the assault weapons ban.

5. George Bush is afraid to openly declare his support for LOST.

There is still some chance that the American vision can be reborn without a journey into chaos as long as those most dedicated to destroying it feel the need to conceal their true intentions. Sure, the masses are stupid and easily fooled, and the chances are very high that things will have to fall apart under the weight of the central State before the vision can be renewed. But there is hope.