A big fat slow pitch floating over home plate

“I’ve been covering Washington and politics for 30 years [said one wire-service photographer]. I can say I’ve never seen this much touching between two men, publicly.” Indeed, editors determined to preserve the appearance of a little presidential dignity and campaign decorum on “the trail” are frustrated in their search for photographs suitable for a respectable mainstream newspaper. The photographers, keen competitors for the most startling shot of the day, naturally love it.

Karl Rove was a fool not to take my advice to pin John Kerry’s ears to the wall over homogamy a few months ago. Now that the sweet-lovin’ hugbuddies are getting so very personal in public, he’d have to be a complete idiot should he fail to take that ball, run with it up the field and spike the hootenanny out of that sucker under the goalposts.

I hope someone has the foresight to play “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” at their next joint press event, should they decide to get a little less frisky.