The Terrible Twosome take Broadway

I just thought that the following exchange from the Gargler’s blog deserved a re-airing:

NATE: Acceptable Man Behavior…

3) If your daddy, or grand-daddy dies, you get to cry.

4) Crying at any other time for any other reason is unacceptable….

BANE: I’ll cry any damn time I want to. I am very sensitive. I will probably cry while I am whipping your invincible ass. I cry where appropriate in movies. And then I blow my nose in the hair of the girl in front of me, and cry while I whip her boyfriend’s un-understanding ass. Your post makes me sniffle a little. God gave yuh tear ducts for more than clearing gunsmoke from your bloodshot eyes. Dammit.

NATE: Great. This is what I have to look forward to. When the shit hits the fan.. No doubt I’ll end up stuck in a foxhole with Bane… I’ll be cold… tired… and sittin’ there listenin’ to him cry. ***NOTE TO SELF*** Add suicide pill to Bug-out-bag.

Ah, yes, if Shakespeare had only been a crotchety, paranoid Southron, he would have dreamed of writing dialogue like this.