Aiutami, per favore

So, I’m working on another Eco translation, this time a recent article on PC language, or the lack of it, in Italy, and have NO FREAKING CLUE what he’s talking about with the following words:



ostrega (as in pistola dell’ostrega)

Since the latter is the title, this is particularly frustrating, especially since a) none of the fluent Italian speakers I know have any clue; and b) the words don’t appear in my pocket dictionary, my Freelang computer dictionary or a 2,556 page behemoth of a dictionary that I picked up a few years ago. I know that durismo and flocismo probably refer somehow to hardness or softness, but I can’t reconcile the prefix… or the suffix for that matter. It doesn’t help that the only entry for “ostrega” says: exclamation (dialect) GOSH. Yeah, that helps.

I’m on the verge of using some other words, pretty much unprintable. Also, the ismos have to do with one Bossi, I presume Umberto Bossi La Lega Nord, but I could be wrong.