Putting out fires preemptively

Robert Novak writes: George W. Bush’s campaign planners intend to shorten debate on the party platform at the Republican National Convention in New York in order to limit conservative opposition to the president’s policies. In the past, platform committee members have arrived in the convention city early Sunday the week before the GOP convention begins. This time, however, several delegates have been alerted that there is no need to get to New York before Monday, with platform meetings not scheduled to begin until Tuesday. That would leave only two and one-half days of platform committee sessions during which conservatives could push their positions on prescription drug subsidies, education and immigration.

That’s an interestingly open admission of the president’s anti-conservativism. Perhaps one of these days conservatives will wake up and realize that he has more in common with John Kerry than he has with them. You’d think the fact that his operatives are actively planning and working against them would serve as some sort of notice that he is not on their side and never was.