On the radio

I’ll be making my monthly appearance on the Northern Alliance radio show on the Patriot 1280 AM at 2 PM central today – some of the gentlemen are out and about so it looks as if we’ll be postponing our cage match showdown on the Iraqi occupation until next month – but in the meantime we’ll probably be discussing the implications of Iraq on the president’s bid for a second term, Air America’s financial shenanigans and how the soccer gods paid back France for its perfidy in Iraq and at the United Nations.

In somewhat related news, the Fraters Libertas are lamenting the fact that their favorite 20-something lesbian blogger turned out to be a 30-something man. This is news? I always thought the first rule of intersexual relations and the Internet is this: if a girl is on the Internet and you have no direct evidence of her sex, she’s a guy.

By the way, no Northern Alliance web streaming yet, but I’m told there will be next month.