Atheist absurdities at the Star and Sickle

“I am seeing more and more bumper stickers saying, ‘God, save us from your people,'” said Walsch, author of “Tomorrow’s God,” which proposes a broader concept of God than traditional religions. “Most of the killing in our world has not been done by those who do not believe in God but by those who do.”

This is a silly statement in several senses, since it is manifestly not true that most of the killing in human history has been done by those who believe in the Judeo-Christian God. Even if Walsch is speaking crudely and incorrectly lumping in the worshippers of every historical pagan god and goddess with those who worship(ped) Allah, Pharoah, Caesar, Kali Durga or Jesus Christ as functionally identical believers in a deity of one sort or another, his assertion is meaningless since this encompasses the overwhelming majority of individuals past and present. The only relevant point is whether these diverse religionists are disproportionately responsible for bloodshed; the unprecedented murders of the godless Soviets, Chinese and Kampucheans indicates that atheists have a far greater taste for blood sacrifice than anyone since the Aztecs.

“Atheists are pretty much demonized,” Castle [co-founder of Atheists for Human Rights] said. “People see atheists as anti-religious, anti-something good and with no moral compass. We want to show that we do have a moral compass and it is based on making this world the best that there is because, in our view, it is the only one there is.”

Perhaps they see atheists this way because atheists are openly and overtly anti-religious. Christianity, provably the most humane and civilizing force in human history, is certainly something atheists oppose, even hate, and I’ve yet to encounter a single atheist who can make a case that his moral compass is anything but something instilled by the Judeo-Christian culture in which he has been raised. Sans what they unwittingly absorb from the world around them, they have no moral compass – which is why we can expect general societal immorality to increase in America as the ability of Christianity to influence non-believing individuals continues to wane.

Nonbelievers — they go by various names, including atheists, humanists, freethinkers and brights — say their goal is to become a part of the everyday fabric of society and be as accepted as anybody else.

Atheists remind me of the obnoxious fat kid who can’t figure out why everybody hates him. If you insist on giving yourself titles that imply everyone else is anti-human, a slave thinker and dull, don’t be surprised when no one wants anything to do with you. They’re pretty bright, those godless. Interesting, too, that not a one of these supposedly first-rate thinkers was able to successfully make a case for either atheist rationality or morality in this forum a few months ago.