Buk-buk Baptists

Unfortunately, the Southern Baptist Convention didn’t see fit to allow a vote on encouraging its membership to remove its children from the government schools. I didn’t expect the motion to pass on the first go-round, but I did expect the leadership to permit a vote considering how strong the homeschooling movement is among Southern Baptists and other evangelical Christians.

I’m not concerned, though. The issue isn’t going away. The various offshoots of the Perfect Aryan Bible Study must have around fifty children that belong to its extended family, and I’d be surprised if a third of them are in state-run institutions – there are more of them suffering the lack of socialization that comes with being homeschooled than are having their little brains washed by government propagandists.

It will be interesting to see what they will have to see their children experience before the SBC leadership sees fit to stop supporting government-run schools. Graduates who can’t read? Fifth-graders forced to perform sex acts on their teacher in order to prove they learned something in sex ed? Seventh-graders sacrificing a goat to Satan in World Religion 101? Ninth-graders turning in their parents to the Tolerance Police for thought crimes against humanity?

What’s sad is that no matter how bad the schools get, you’ll always be able to find a Christian who will justify them somehow. “I know they’re worshipping Satan and using the naked body of their teacher as an altar, but they do have some of the best test scores in the state, and besides, his friends are all there.”