I’m sure it’s just a coincidence

Last month, representatives of WTP went to the National Archives to pull the correspondence of the Office of Chief Counsel for the Treasury Department and for 1913 through 1917. The index of records showed the records were available for 1903 through 1912 and for 1918 and after. However, the index contained the statement “No Longer Available,” for the years 1913 through 1917.

At the same time, the researchers requested the correspondence for the House Ways and Means Committee for 1916. What was received was a box with a large, but empty envelope marked “Retained.” The researchers found additional instances of record deletions where, despite the fact the records appeared available in the Archive index – it was discovered after the record group was physically “pulled” from deep storage in the archives, that it was EMPTY.

It is inconceivable – and intolerable — that the official records documenting the planning, strategizing and legal communications of the Department of Treasury and congressional committees during the implementation of the single most oppressive and controversial function of government known to Americans are simply “No Longer Available.”

Management level archivists at NARA were unable to explain these gaping holes of missing records In effect, individuals, in explicit violation of federal law, have, since 1992, been systemically DELETING evidence from the official records of this nation – in an attempt to rewrite history – and to conceal the fraud that has been perpetrated by our government for almost 90 years.

I’m just wondering at what point even the choir of tax cheerleaders is going to start getting suspicious that there is, in fact, something deeply fishy going on with regards to the Federal income tax. It’s already well-documented that the 16th Amendment wasn’t ratified by the states, that Title 26 was never passed as positive law nor signed by the President, and now all the relevant correspondence for the Congress and the Treasury Department for that important period are learned to be missing. It’s difficult to argue “it’s the law” when it is becoming more and more apparent that it isn’t, and never was, the law.