The Sun on Fire

TONY BLAIR has listened to the people of Britain like a man with no ears. His message yesterday should have been: “You have spoken and I am here to represent you. I will go to Brussels and tell them what you want.” Instead we got the same old platitudes, the same “trust me” fixed grin. What Blair said about the two-day summit on the European Constitution ranked alongside Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace in our time” declaration when he capitulated to the Nazis in the 1930s. The Prime Minister declared he was “reasonably optimistic we will negotiate an agreement that we want.”

Reasonably optimistic! You can’t expect to get away with that, Prime Minister. The people of Britain don’t want ANY new agreement. Britain should not be going to the summit with the aim of limiting the damage the constitution will cause us.

Let The Sun tell you what your duty is, Mr Blair:

You should be going to Brussels to demand that Britain is given back the powers it has lost to the EU. You must demand that we retain full sovereignty and full control over our lives, not to mention our money. You should demand top-to-bottom changes in the corrupt, inefficient and undemocratic European system. You must demand that only the British Parliament makes the law for Britain and only British judges administer it.

Just say NO to the constitution which the EU’s elitist leaders so desperately want to further their dream of a European superstate.

This is one of the most important moments in a generation, more important by far than anything happening in Iraq. It is no coincidence that the Sun referred to Nevill Chamberlain’s infamous declaration, as the EU is posed to make Hitler’s dream a reality, a Fourth Reich of united Germany dominating the entire continent of Europe. Only Britain has the ability to deal this panzerblitz-by-stealth a death blow, by refusing to surrender its sovereignty.

If the Euro-elites of Labor, the Liberal Democrats and the Tories are successful in selling out Britain’s birthright, the focus will turn to the United States and removing its sovereignty in a trans-American Union. Already, the seeds have been planted with NAFTA. But if they are thwarted by the rise of populist parties like the UK Independence Party, this may inspire Americans to turn away from its own bi-factional one-party rule.

Interesting times.