Mailvox: whoosh

SB writes: Good article, but fatally flawed. This flaw is revealed in your first factor, wherein you discuss the importance to marriage of faith. You blithely equate pagan religions with Christianity, ignoring the one, True God’s admonition that His people marry within His family. Untold conflict has resulted from people of different faiths marrying one another. And when a Christian is party to such a mis-match, he is violation of His Father’s instructions and may end up having to choose Christ or his wife – as a good friend of mine had to.

It seems as if sometimes people are actively looking to spot any possible flaw in an article, and in so doing will purposefully choose to interpret any ambiguous passage in whatever way will best allow them to offer criticism. I was not blithely equating Judaism or Islam to Christianity, only saying that the same thing holds true for a Jewish, Muslim or Christian man; it is wise to marry within your faith.

I think it’s obvious that I don’t mind, and even enjoy, genuine criticism. But criticism for its own sake is simply annoying. Now, it’s quite possible that SB just happened to misinterpret that one line, but given the context of my ouvre, it is somewhat of a strange point.