Religion and the Left

Or, the lack thereof. I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am. Beat Bush Blog writes: The Rittenhouse Review is polling its readers about their religious beliefs. The results thus far suggest that those of us in the left blogosphere are a lot different from “Middle Americans” in this respect. At this writing, 59% of respondents (222 out of 376) categorize themselves as “Agnostic/Atheistic/Unitarian.” Various flavors of Christianity have a total of only 23% (88 votes).

I realize that online polls are not scientific, but this is still a striking result. The percentage of agnostics/atheists/Unitarians in the Rittenhouse poll is about four times the proportion in the general United States population. Of the 50,000 respondents in the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey, a total of 14.4% said they were “No Religion” (13.2%), Agnostic (0.5%), Atheist (0.4%), or “Unitarian/Universalist” (0.3%). This was an open-ended survey (i.e., respondents could answer however they wished, without being limited to specified categories of religions).

An online poll of Daily Kos readers as to whether they believed “in a higher power, i.e. God” reached similar results to the Rittenhouse poll. Only 40% (90 out of 223) answered “yes,” while 60% (133 out of 223) answered “No.”

Of course, most of these Godless lefties consider themselves highly moral paragons of virtue, although I’ve yet to meet one who can explain the strange correlations between their independently reasoned morality buffets and the Judeo-Christian morality of the culture in which they, their parents and their grandparents have been steeped.