Racist liberal media

Ralph Wiley writes on ESPN: [Jim] Gray asked [Shaquille] O’Neal to characterize the Laker season; and O’Neal did, with the last word he used being “enigmatic.” Good word. O’Neal seemed to try to humorize his use of it by smiling and saying Jim might not feel the use of such a word was appropriate — if, in fact, he knew what it meant. O’Neal was sort of diffusing his own use of the word, as if Jim would take it as inappropriate, not as a word — it was exactly the proper word — but inappropriate for Shaq to use.

The word seemed to throw Jim Gray, who said to Shaq, “Spell that.”

I was stunned. Almost as stunned as when O’Neal almost defiantly spelled it perfectly. He’s lucky Shaq responded. Responded? He’s lucky Shaq didn’t drill him. Luckily for Iceberg Jim, Shaq’s not that type. Spell that? What is that supposed to prove?

So, it’s racist for Rush Limbaugh to correctly point out that the media cheers inordinately for an overrated black quarterback, but Jim Gray can get away with publicly making the assumption that Shaq doesn’t know what enigmatic means and can’t spell it either. Interesting. Apparently assuming that all black athletes are stupid is not racist, but making note of what the liberal white media writes and says is.

I’m not a fan of Shaq the basketball player. He commits an offensive foul almost every time he touches the ball and then, he plays for the Lakers. But he’s a good guy, and unlike most people, he actively works to expand his mind. Why would anyone be surprised by his use of a word like enigmatic – which is an excellent word to explain the Lakers’ season – from someone who once said that he wished to be called the Big Aristotle?

Next time, Shaq should drop some Metaphysics on Iceberg Jim. “There must be from the first a cause which will move things and bring them together.” Aristotle knew, all those years ago, that the Zenmaster was to blame.