Bring the noise

One CV posts elsewhere: An increaase in the divorce rate some fifty-odd years later? Had they predicted a drop in the divorce rate they would have been correct as well. Just a matter of waiting for the correct moment in history to holler “aha!” Look, you are being deeply dishonest; you must know that. Why are you doing this?

This is so deeply stupid as to approach handicapable. The American divorce rate has declined since it peaked in 1979-1981 at 5.3/1000, but even at its lower rate of 4.0, it is still more than five times as high as it was in 1900, at 0.7, when the predictions of increased divorce due to women’s suffrage were being made. So, no, they would not have been correct to predict a drop in the divorce rate.

Now, how to explain this mysterious drop in the number of divorces since 1980? That’s not difficult either. The marriage rate was 10.6/1000 in 1980. Since then, many men have figured out that it doesn’t make much sense to take the risk of marrying the wrong woman and many women have decided that they need a man like a fish needs a bicycle, as the marriage rate has dropped 37 percent, to 7.8/1000. This is also 16 percent lower than the 9.3 marriage rate in 1900.

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